Hot Sauces

Hot Sauces

Irish Scream Saver

Irish Scream Hot Sauce is made with delicious jalapeño chilies with a hint of honey to create a rounded flavour. A shot of Irish whiskey gives the sauce a special twist. What else can you say – it`s typically Irish. Raw, natural and simply great. A delicious, medium-hot sauce for everyday use.

Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce

Ed Curries Smokin Eds Carolina Reaper (Worlds hottest chili pepper) is mixed with spices, lemon juice & tomato paste to form Sling Blade. Pure, fresh, fruity, aromatic and without any chili extract. Louisiana 1st Place Ultra Hot Sauce Award.

Carolina Reaper Bio Organic

Glowing lava on the tongue: In addition to its world-record heat (since 2013 unbeaten), the Carolina Reaper chili has a fruity flavour with chocolate-cherry notes and a hint of citrus. The name “Reaper” is a reminder of the mystic deadly Reaper and be careful, this heat is definitely not for beginners!

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