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Flaming. Sizzling. Hot.

We started out with the idea to entertain craving of wings for everyone. The idea behind setting up eatwings to provide crispy and natural Buffalo wings for the City of Antwerp. After a thorough and complete research, we have come up with a recipe of Buffalo wings that is going to make you lick your fingers and crave for more just as you finish eating them!

Providing calm and peaceful ambiance is what we strive for. Buffalo wings are made in the hygienic and clean environment. Our dips and sauces to go with Buffalo wings will get you hooked to them for a lifetime. Have a lunch meeting, family gathering or friends’ hangout at our place and enjoy the unique tasty Buffalo wings like never before. Share the joy of experiencing such mouth-watering taste with us.

Eatwings is a place for food lovers. Suddenly craving to have something flavorful? Not in the mood to cook? Well, City of Antwerp has its food problems solved. Eatwings bring you the pure joy of Buffalo wings filled with original taste. We are here to become your go-to list whenever you are hungry or want to have a quick lunch.

Eatwings is a place to sit after a day of hard work at your office and have something to take you to heaven. If the real taste of Buffalo wings is what you are looking for? Then check out our menu and order now!

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